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Here you will find my blog posts on
This blog will go through the necessary steps in backing up and restoring an active SolrCloud core in a Sitecore environment.
This blog will explore how to connect a web experience to an external data source. The web experience we’re building is a super simple weather component.
With Sitecore’s transformation to composable DXP and their recent release of the Next.js SDK, I thought I would set up a docker container environment with Sitecore XM and Next.js for learning purposes. It turns out, Sitecore’s guide was very straightforward. For the XM topology, we only needed to change the init.ps1 step. For completeness, I've included all the steps here.
With Sitecore undergoing a transformation into composable DXP, there are several products and concepts that may be new for developers. I will attempt to quickly summarize each item as I understand them.
I recently updated my Sitecore certification to Sitecore 10. A few of my colleagues have asked how this certification was different to those in the past. In this blog, I will cover what is in the exam and what I did to prepare.
You may know that replacing the blob of an existing media item in Sitecore with another one will cause browser cache issues. The reason for this is that although the actual image may be replaced, the browser does not know that the image has changed because the URL remains the same.
I recently worked on an Azure PaaS environment with SolrCloud and SwitchOnRebuild was enabled. We encountered an issue where we have found that a full Sitecore Rebuild Index was clearing out the Active Collection rather than the Rebuild Collection.
Cross Origin Resources Sharing (CORS) is a way to allow restricted resources on a web page to be requested from a domain outside of the domain from which the original resource was served. In this post, I will explore how to dynamically allow Web API controllers to respect a Sitecore API key and allow the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header to be sent.
Item buckets let you manage a large number of items in a content tree while respecting Sitecore's best practice in keeping the number of children to under 100 items. While you can import to your own data structure, sometimes it is nice to let Sitecore handle that process.
I recently became Coveo For Sitecore certified and would like to share my experience. Additionally, I would like to offer exam tips to others who are seeking to become certified themselves.